Spring Cleaning

I really, really hate to waste food. I’m somewhere near neurotic about it, to the point that I will not throw anything away until it is completely inedible.  Expiration dates and “best by”… Continue reading

Finally, the Hunger Games Workout You’ve Been Waiting For

Daily Burn (which is now apparently distinct from Daily Burn Tracker) offers a new Hunger Games fitness plan, as well as a Survival Diet.  From Vanity Fair Blogs. Personally, I wouldn’t mind a… Continue reading

Is your willpower making you weaker?

I am currently really enjoying a chocolate Shakeology smoothie and it is worth every penny. “Oh, here it comes.  A bunch of marketing shill for an expensive meal replacement/health supplement that I can’t… Continue reading

Happy Leap Day!

This is fun: Every 29th order from Manduka is free, today!

I never run unless I’m being chased…

Well, now’s your chance with Zombies, Run! I remember reading about this one a few months ago when it was still a budding Kickstarter project; however, I promptly forgot about it in a… Continue reading

About this here blog n’ stuff…

Do you ever worry that your soft, tender, pudgy, white-bread-and-beer built midsection will serve as an excellent and preferable source of sustenance in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse?  Do you watch Dawn… Continue reading