Do you ever worry that your soft, tender, pudgy, white-bread-and-beer built midsection will serve as an excellent and preferable source of sustenance in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse?  Do you watch Dawn of the Dead or The Walking Dead and worry about not fulfilling your desire to be the self-sufficient survivalist, the one who is handy with a machete or, at least, the one who doesn’t always get in the way? Did 28 Days Later scare the bejeepers out of you because dang, those zombies were moving a lot faster than you ever have in your life.  Do you want to do something about it, and are you worried that you’re running out of time?

Well, to the extent that you can reach the “right place” for doing something about that while sitting on your tush, you’ve come to the right place.  Or, at least, a reasonably good approximation of the right place. Alright, look, if you want to read about P-90x, fitness, healthy lifestyles, and, occasionally, zombies, stick around.  If you like yoga, you can probably find something useful here, too.

Me?  I’m a 30-something gaming geek who just decided that it was time to morph my virtual badassitude™ into something comparable in the real world. I traded in my World of Warcraft raiding schedule for a nightly showdown with Tony Horton, respecced from Affliction Warlock to Team Beachbody Coach, and transmogrified my Tier 11 robes set into some sweet Lululemon pants. (I bet that’s the first time transmogrify and Lululemon have been used in a sentence together.) ( They’ve got +10 to bakasana!).

At any rate, my transformation is still a definite work in progress, but a bit of public accountability never hurt anyone outside of Washington, D.C. So, pull up a pull-up bar and we’ll see how this goes!