I never run unless I’m being chased…

Well, now’s your chance with Zombies, Run!

Keep Calm. Kill Zombies. Or just run away.

Keep Calm. Kill Zombies. (Or just run away, Brave Sir Robin.)

I remember reading about this one a few months ago when it was still a budding Kickstarter project; however, I promptly forgot about it in a Veruca Salt “But I want it NOW” moment and went back to letting my plants protect me from any potential zombie doom. So I was pleasantly surprised to read about it again last night and find that my wait would now be reduced to just a few hours!  I grabbed it from the App Store as soon as it was up this morning.  At $7.99, it’s a bit more than I pay for most app purchases, especially iPhone-only ones, but for an innovative and new concept (that preys on my addiction to gamification), I’ll take the plunge.  (An Android version is expected later this spring).

Of course, now that I finally have it in my impatient little hands, it may be a while before I actually get outside and test it out, but I’ll be sure to follow up with reviews. I can’t think of better training for races like the Zombie Buffet 5k and other survival themed courses.